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Sunday, February 20, 2011

ARSHAVIN the Silent Assasin - Part 2

After he get through with a long period of poor action on the field now he come back like before. The person that i mention here was Andrey Arshavin, our gunners no 23 the silent assasin.

After a very long period of poor performance now he is coming back into his usual form. Now he is recover completely with more confidence and with more lively and dangerous especially infront of goal. He just drop down his performance for a while, this topic has been discussed before this in Malay language. Click here

goal celebrating against Barcelona

Just want to flashback to the summer transfer window, at that time many of the football fans and gooners predict that he will leave Arsenal and seek for another club, but he did not do that because he believe he is now in a good platform and the time will tell.

Based on the poor performances he said ;

 “It’s true that, at the moment, I’m not happy with how I’m playing"
"I feel that I’m making mistakes that I shouldn’t be, not giving good passes and losing a lot of balls. It’s hard to give reasons but I am working hard to get back to my best and am confident it will come"
                     Andrey Arshavin - Official Matchday Programme,

For the previous match against FC Barcelona he has been left on the bench and only get in substitute on 68 minutes with Alexander Song came out and he only need about 15 minutes to score a winning goal against Barcelona. It is the most important goal that we actually need before we go to Nou Camp.

We win 2-1 against Barcelona, and it has been discussed before. Click this
Johan Djourou said on Arshavin performance against Barcelona ;

"His goal showed that he is a great player," 

"Great players come back, they have down moments sometimes and he has just come back up and scored a great goal "
 Johan Djourou - Arsenal Defender,

Even though we just draw for a late stunning by Leyton Orient a 1-1 draw against Arsenal in their FA Cup fifth round tie at Brisbane Road, he still show a great performance.

Hope after a great recent performance he will maintain it till the end of the season. Enjoy this video gooners

p/s : to all gooners sometimes good sometimes bad, it is normal just look into our life, actually we only can plan whether the  plan will going smoothly or not we don't know

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